The JVAP 2022 Data Collection Cycle has formally been launched. JVAP Partners are requested to collect data internally and report them to the JVAP Follow-up Support Team (JVAP FUT) until the end of the year.

To support our Partners, the JVAP FUT will organise two webinars on the data collection cycle. The JVAP FUT have also produced an up-to-date infographic, brochure, and data collection guidelines. These resources, as well as training videos to assist in the exercise, are available for our Partners on the JVAP Portal.

Regular data collection cycles ensures the JVAP Database is updated with new initiatives from our Partners that align with the JVAP’s five domains and 105 priorities. It also ensures that both the Rabat and Khartoum Processes fulfil the monitoring mandate of the JVAP, in line with the decisions adopted at the 2015 Valletta Summit.